Made in the USSR.. and you can’t deny it

Ok, so I picked up my old OLD camera from my sisters garage.  Here it is.  What are the chances of getting this through Airport security these days.. you will probably get a continuous escort in and out..  I had this camera when I was a kid so I couldn’t really learn much on it, since developing and printing was really expensive, now days, with the digital Camera‘s. you can learn and experiment with out paying for development and printing, which is great, gives you a lot of flexibility.  And possibility to learn.  So anyhow, here you can see the Camera, and the case.

Zenit 12S

From The front

Camera from the front

In the Case


Packed away

Zenit in the case

And the Case closed.


Camera Case made in the USSR
Made in the USSR steel case

More Pictures here


2 thoughts on “Made in the USSR.. and you can’t deny it

  1. Hey Omar! I didn’t know that you had a photography blog. Cool. The camera is unbelievable.. a gun handle? I’d be scared to have a picture of me taken with that! 🙂 You’re right, it was costly for kids in the past to take up on photography as a hobby. Digital cameras rock – even though I rarely print the pics! 🙂


  2. Hey Lamia,
    Yeah, Digital Cameras rock, and I do like to print the super good pictures out, and put them on the wall, or in an album, they look really nice in A4 size. Showoff you know..


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