Graffiti can look good, real good

This weekend I went to a little sightseeing, and hiking around Eger, Hungary.  This was the first time that I see graffiti that looks good.  It was in an underpass around the Eger Castle.  Not sure if they made it on purpose, though I think they did.  But these walls looked like a piece of art.


Underpass Graffiti 1

This image looks so good, it feels like it’s 3D, great drawing.


Under pass graffiti 2

This is the second image.. the underpass pirate


Something about to happen??

This is a weird image, but still interesting, don’t you think?


Could that be the artist?

I just noticed now that there is graffiti with in the graffiti, if you look at the picture on top of his head.  But the pictures are intact and not drawn over?  Maybe this is the best solution, as graffiti artists won’t destroy each others works.  Except maybe the less gifted ones.



What do you think?

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