Tagging, add keywords to your pictures

During Christmas I was asked to export my family pictures to a USB drive.  Well, I wanted to do it, just to realize that I had no keywords assigned to my pictures, and those pictures were on my NAS, around 13 000 23 000 pictures.  Mission impossible.  So if you are new to photography, or just started, and are shutter happy.  I recommend making keywords a part of your workflow.  It makes searching and finding photo’s a snap, so let’s say exporting family photo’s from Christmas would be two maybe three clicks.  While now, I have to go back and sort the few thousand pictures I have 🙂  and while you are at it, add rating, reject blurry/bad pictures, and delete them from your hard drive, they are a waste of space.

So now my workflow :  Download images from memory card > Sort, and delete blurry/bad > rate > enhance > add keywords.  Lesson learned, now if I want to see all my images related to nature, all I have to do is click on the keyword nature, or Family 🙂  That will take me some time, so far, I’ve only finished 2003 and 2004 when I wasn’t taking that many pictures yet, but it will be worth the effort.

Hope this gives you an idea for your workflow, image collection organization


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