Full moon pictures

As I found out today, on Saturday, it was a full moon or as they call it Supper moon 2012 (you can read more here), and it was the biggest and brightest in the year, since it was closest to the earth.  Little did I know, I took night pictures, and they turned out amazing, while I couldn’t take pictures of the moon, which are worthy to show.  I did take pictures of the quiet lake, and I was amazed at the results.  It’s almost like taking pictures during sun light.  If I did forget my remote release, I probably could have taken longer shutter speeds, but naturally I forgot it at home, since I barely use it.

This image was taken at around 10:30PM at night, it was full moon, and no clouds, the exposure time was 30 sec. You can also see a few starts in the sky

Same as above, 30 Sec exposure, since I forgot my wired shutter remote 😦 still turned out great.


What do you think?

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