Horse days, in the plains of Hungary (Hortobagy)

Last weekend I went out to the plains to take some pictures, I think they turned out great, but take a look at let me know.  I borrowed a friends lens, since I needed a zoom for this and my cheap zoom doesn’t produce the kind of sharp images that please my eyes, so I borrowed the 70-200mm F4 L IS lens here.

One of my favorite shots, of a bird, that I can’t identify, and I forgot to ask, is this one, you may recognize that this is my profile picture now 🙂  it was kind of difficult to take the picture because the bird is afraid of the lens, it sees it as a huge eye.

Some more images of this beautiful bird, and it’s owner, who actually works at the bird hospital in Hortobagy, which I will have to pay a visit to one day.

This image shows the trust between the bird and it’s owner

There were also some middle age shows and horse shows which you can see below

I was lucky to catch the action, that’s the moment right after the other night was hit, and was falling of his horse, unfortunately I didn’t catch it fully but you can see it on the far right, that he’s falling

Then there were these special horse formations, which is called the Hortobagyi 5, which involves 5 horses, two in the back where the rider controls them, and 3 in the front, and the rider is standing on the two back horses, it’s not an easy task, specially when running, or sprinting, or what ever you call it 🙂

This is how it’s done in the Hortobagy 🙂

And the formation in Action

And Finally if you would like to see the whole album, you are welcome to visit it here, enjoy!


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