Quick Trip to Yemen

While it was a trip out of necessity, to visit my father in the hospital. I did take a few pictures while I was there. This country is very rich in history, and culture.  Unfortunately due to political turmoil  and corruption, and  all that comes with it, life there is pretty difficult in my opinion.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

A traditional Cloth Market, in the old town of Sanaa

An inside view of one of the cloth shops in old town Sanaa

Internal view of a cloth shop, in the corner is an old Ottoman rifle

All colors, and designs of “Shalls” scarfs

Handmade silver ear rings, necklaces. Usually made by Jewish jewelers.

Spice market

This is what men wear as a traditional Yemeni Dagger.

Old town’s city street/market

This was the day we visited the Old Sana’a market.  More pictures are on the way in the next post when I get some time, more images from the old Sana’a buildings, and surroundings.  Night pictures, and a visit to a small village ruins.. which I will tell its story later, hope you enjoy the pictures until then.


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