Winter 2013

Winter walk in the forest of Lake Vekeri, near Debrecen.  I tried my spank’n new Super-zoom.  And to tell you the truth, I enjoyed it.  While this camera only had a 24x optical zoom, it has a f2.8 through out the full zoom range, which is a really nice thing.  It is more oriented towards the point and shoot users, but you also have full control over the settings if you want.  The one thing I really miss vs. my dSLR is the focus ring.  There is a manual focus option on it, which I could use, but so far I had no luck with it 😦   I really like the fact that I have a 25-600 mm equiv  in one lens, with a f2.8 Aperture.  And I tried to just take jpg images, with just a few RAW, to see if the out of camera pictures were satisfying, and to my surprise they are…  See below.

If I remember correctly this was created by the camera Ai-Auto, from multiple images, because the back-light was too strong, turned out nice 🙂

Same as the previous picture

Testing the Macro

some sweet water shells

To Illustrate the 24x capabilities, this image is at 24x zoom

I like the way the ice froze

And this is where I was standing

And this is the no zoom position where I was standing

Frozen Shells, looks almost like the water was flowing and

I hope that’s a dogs print 🙂

You can view the rest of the Gallery here enjoy 🙂

So at the end, I feel that this Panasonic FZ-200 Camera was a good choice, it’s the right balance between picture quality, zoom reach, and portability.  While still bigger than a point and shoot, it gives a lot more flexibility than a dSLR, I can’t say that the pictures are 100% the same quality as a dSLR’s bigger sensor, but for my uses, it fits the bill.  I also still have my trusty Canon 450d.


What do you think?

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