2013 Trip to Yemen, again

Well, I had to travel again, and again for family matters.  I did take a few pictures, which I will share here.  This time all the pictures were taken using my bridge Panasonic camera, vs last years trip which was taken with my DSLR camera.  Also I used all jpg vs raw from my last trip.  I did minimum editing using PicMonkey, which is reachable in SmugMug directly.  I just used the auto-fix, and some cropping here and there.  If you want to compare , you can see the last years gallery here.  And here some posts from the first trip.

“Dar Al-Hajar” The Rock House, was the house of the king before the revolution of 1962. The beauty of this house was that it looked over the Grape gardens, which unfortunately today is replaced by “quat”

The little palace was built directly on the rocks, which makes it special.

Closer picture of the “Rock Palace”

A close-up view from the front of the palace.

A view of the path between the gardens beneath the palace.

Path’s between the gardens

Side view of the Palace

Side view of the palace

One of the watch towers around the palace.

A cup of coffee in one of many coffee places around Sana’a city

Aladdin 🙂

And a little puppy

Puppy coffee

Image of Saleh’s Mosque.

Some images of the unrest during the 2011-2012 time period

A house that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A closer image of house and the destruction caused by weapons.

A closer look at the abandoned house

Another house from the area.

Picture from everyday life in Sana’a, a family moving?

A family moving?

“Jabal Al-Nahdayn” The mountain of the two bosom’s

An old Jeep, I don’t think a modern Jeep would last this long, specially that it’s out in the open weather.

From the garden

The same bird, different location, with food in mouth 🙂

A sleeping relaxing cat on the wall

Arriving to Hungary

Arriving from the comfortable 24-27 Degrees Celsius, to the -8 Degrees celsius in Hungary.  The weather is pretty strange this year, going from Spring to Winter like with in 1 week.

around 10-14 cm of snow on our arrival day to Hungary

Frozen wall, where the wind was blowing all night.

Frozen water drops on the side of the house.


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