This is one really important aspect of taking pictures.  It makes a great difference where you take, or compose your picture as.  you can make an image look great, or you can simply make it just a picture.  For example take this family of Mushrooms.

Take this image for example, it’s from above, nothing special.

From above

This one a bit lower angel, but still it’s like just OK I think.

A bit lower angle

And from ground level, I think the image’s look much more interesting, also I could have removed the branches from the pictures, but looking at it later, easy to say what I should have done.  In the future, I’ll try to pay more attention.  The Washed away background, and colors make the mushrooms stand out more.  Another reason I like my bridge with the articulated screen 🙂

What do you think?  what common practices do you use, or consider when taking pictures?


What do you think?

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