Quick Trip in August to Tiszafüred

A bit late, but at the end of the month we went on a quick trip to Tiszafüred, a small town near the Tisza river in Hungary.  The weather was nice, and I was able to capture a few great images, which I will be sharing here.  I finally got the time to share them.

I used to upload my images to SmugMug, but since they had their overhaul, my application that I use to export images there, just started failing.  So I had to find an alternative, and that’s what I’ll be trying, using Flickr now.

I hope you enjoy the images.


Some don’t like frogs, but I like taking pictures of them, I would never hold one in my hand that’s for sure


I wish I knew what this bird was, it was fishing on the edge of the river.

[update] Found it, it’s called the Grey Heron



[Update] This is the Great Egret


Wish I can put this out in full screen, this is a panorama view from a lookout in Tiszafüred

After this we visited the Bird Hospital in Hortobagy, were I was able to take some close-up pictures of some injured birds, but it was a great opportunity, which I will share in the next post.  I hope you enjoy it.


What do you think?

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