Eye of the Tiger

Even though those images were taken more than a month ago, when we went to the Zoo with the family, I only got to process them today, and so decided to post them.

As the title suggests, this is an image of a sleeping tiger.  I couldn’t get a better image of it, as the tiger didn’t want to wake up.

The eye of a tiger 🙂

Duck looking at me

Now at first I thought this was a joke, or a stature.  Turns out it’s a living bird, looked like an alien to me with its funky knees

Weird Bird

Another nice looking duck 🙂


I love hawks, and such birds, but I never had enough luck (and patience) to take pictures of them in the wild, will need to go to a bird watch tour, or such in the Hortobagy (Hungarian plains) one day I’ll get there.

And then a link to the rest of the gallery, hope you enjoy them here


What do you think?

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