Adopted outdoor cat

We had a beautiful cat, named tiger, “Tigris” that passed away this february.  Tigris was an only indoor cat, since I lived in apartment buildings. And in March our baby was born, so we decided that we won’t have any cats, until she’s a few years old.  Though since my wife and I love cats, we adopted two cats in the garden.  Which I took a few pictures of the other day.

Tigris in the sun

There is another black cat, that comes for food as well, but that cat has an owner, this one, we are not sure, but since we started feeding it, it’s starting to gain weight, and look much healthier.

We bought a flower called Tiger flower, in memory of our cat, these are a few images from that flower, photographed with my phone. While these are beautiful flowers, it opens in the morning, and by night it falls off.  So it’s there for less than 24 hours in all.


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