Spring 2017

Spring is a great season, when the plants get back to life. And flowers are blooming, birds are loud on the trees.  Here are a few images of crocus flowers


Back to posting, end of 2016

I enjoy taking pictures in the winter, but I’ve been lazy lately. When fog freezes on the trees, everything becomes white and beautiful around you. Now the road is another story, but I’ve learned to live with it. Enjoy


Lovely models, they move real slow, and are patient.

Pictures with the built in filter in the Olympus e-pl5


And doing some Monochrome vs. color


The begining of Spring

Spring is around the corner.  While there are ocasional freezes in the evenings, the weather is getting warmer overall.  I finally had a chance to take some pictures in the garden, hope you enjoy it.

Colors of Fall 2015

I haven’t posted for quite some time.. I need to commit more to this blog, but it’s getting harder and harder spare time.  I do take pictures, and process them, so here are some Fall pictures, that fit into the season… Hope you enjoy them.

Awaiting Lunch after the rain

Summer is coming to an end.  I’m happy that it’s not 36 degrees celsius, but the sharp drop in temperature to 16 degrees doesn’t feel too good either.  It’s rainy, with the sun showing up every few hours. I took the opportunity and took a few pictures in the garden. A spider awaiting lunch arrival, with rain drops in it’s web.