Hardware I use

Below are my hardware equipment, photo, and computer wise 🙂

Photo equipment:


Olympus EP-L 5review

Olympus Lens:

14-42mm Olympus

40-150mm Olympus

45mm F1.8 Olympus

dSLR Body:

I ended up selling my Canon gear(mostly due to it’s bulky size), and I am now full Olympus Pen EP-L5, in other words fully mirrorless

Canon EOS 450D

Canon Lens:

18-55mm IS F3.5-5.6

35-80mm F4-5.6 III.

50mm F1.8 II.

75-300mm F4-5.6 III.

Secondary Camera:

Panasonic DMC-FZ200, Super-zoom as my secondary camera.

Backup Point & Shoot, and all-weather camera:

Olympus u550WP,S550WP, a great all around Point&Shoot, mainly since it’s waterproof.


Screw on Macro Lenses 2+, 3+ 4+

Circular Polarizer

Computer Equipment:

Acer R3-131T

  • Intel Celero N3050 1.60Ghz
  • 11.6″ Touch screen
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 500GB HDD

not a speed daemon, but for what I need perfect.


Acer C720, not the best for photography, for all else it’s just fine


  • MSI s775 G41M-P28 Motherboard
  • Intel E6600 3.06Ghz
  • 8 GB DDR3 Memory
  • 2x 500GB SATA drives in Software raid 1
  • 22″ LG 1680×1050
  • Ubuntu 15.04


Iomega NAS Media server 500GB for backup.

SmugMug: Unlimited Photo storage, and sharing

Google Photos

Cloud Backup: Amazon Cloud Drive


What do you think?

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