Camera History

A little background on the camera’s I’ve had, used, or about to get

Kodak DX3500

2001 I started with a point & Shoot a 2.0MP Kodak, fix focus.  That was my introduction to Digital photography.  Before that, I did have a few SLR film camera’s, but since I was learning by trial and error, it was an expensive hobby to develop all the pictures, and I had no idea how to control settings.  So I gave up quick on the SLR’s.

No Gallery, since I have no idea where those pictures are now.

Fujifilm 3800

2003 I got my second, back then bridge camera.  The Fujifilm S3800  which had a decent 6x optical zoom.  No RAW images processing, and no manual settings, it was a high zoom Point and Shoot camera.

Fujifilm Gallery

Olympus E-500

2006 – 2007 can’t remember exactly, I got my first dSLR, the Olympus E500.  I loved that camera, I got some great images from it, not because it’s a dSLR, rather I got a better chance of learning manual controls, and I could experiment to my heart’s content.  I finally decided to sell it, simply because I realized from Olympus’s marketing, and new product line, that they were moving towards the Micro-Fourthirds, and mine was a Fourthirds.  If I were to upgrade, I could only get their Professional top of the line camera.  Which I couldn’t afford, and I couldn’t find too many used lenses for it.

Olympus 550WP

Can’t remember when I got this, but it’s a nice to have as it’s all weather, I took some nice pictures underwater in Croatia

Olympus 550WP

Olympus E-500 Gallery


2010 I bought a used Canon 450D.  And I started finding used lenses for it.  I also ordered one lens which I love up till today.   The 50mm f 1.8 II , makes great portrait pictures, and amazing sharpness and detail in low light as well.  You can see the list of lenses I have collected so far.  I was also lucky enough to be able to borrow the 70-200mm L f 4 IS as I wanted to photograph birds.  It was a sharp, bright lens, that I really enjoyed, but I thought the price tag of that lens is a little too much for me, since I don’t make a living taking photographs, I can’t justify that high cost.  Which led me to the next camera purchase.

Canon Gallery


Panasonic DMC-FZ200

2013 Panasonic DMC-FZ200   You ask why?  I already have a dSLR, this would be a step back, right?  But this camera has a 24x zoom, 25-600mm lens.  And above all a bright f 2.8 aperture.  Which I can’t get on the Canon, unless I win the Lotto.  I hope it suits my needs, for my hope to photograph nature, and birds. While the f2.8 aperture is relative, since the Camera’s Sensor is small, the blurring, and images it creates are great, and I am content and happy with it.

Panasonic Gallery


Olympus E-PL5

Olympus E-PL5

December 2014 I got the dual lens kit, I couldn’t resist the Black Friday offer.  I keep coming back to Olympus this time I picked this camera, because of its small size, light weight, and great image quality. Which means that my Canon 450D is up for sale, since I don’t like carrying all that size and weight with me. I tried it using high ISO up to 1600, and images are usable straight out of the camera.  I’m becoming lazy, and want skip the RAW processing and converting.  I want an image I can use straight out of camera.  I also used the Art Filters a few times and so far, I am really pleased with it.  Soon there will be a link to the Olympus E-PL5 Gallery.


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