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For Windows and MAC OS X there are plenty of choices, but what about less used platforms such as Linux (I personally use Ubuntu 64-bit on my desktop, and 64-bit Sabayon on my laptop).  Most of the time the one’s that come with your camera are decent and good enough for everyday use.  But none are Linux compatible.  And if you want more features, speed and power, the supplied software may not cut it.

Before I got my bridge camera I used to take pictures in RAW format, why you ask, well I like to tweak and fix my pictures, many times all they need is White balance adjustment, exposure adjustment, and a little sharpening.  The software I used for a few years is called Bibble Pro. 5 I bought it a while ago, and so far I am very happy with it.   Lately I purchased a new camera, the Panasonic DMC-FZ200 super-zoom.  It’s RAW format is too new for my version of Bibble.  While I could upgrade my version of Bibble for a decent price.  I decided to look for alternative RAW development software, and I found Darktable to be pretty competent.  I’ve tried other open-source alternative, such as rawtherapee, and Rawstudio, but I find Darktable more intuitive, and easy to use.  This is of-course my opinion, other’s may feel differently.

While I haven’t done any real speed comparisons between Bibble and Darktable, I feel Bibble is a bit faster, but I can live with the few sec difference between the two, specially with Darktable’s price tag.  I think I will be a happy convert and start using it more.  There are many other options on the Linux platform, and I use a combination of them.  It all depends on your workflow.  I use a combination of Shotwell/digikam, Darktable, and Gimp.  With Shotwell I can get a presentation of my images nicely, if they are all jpg, or RAW images.  I use Darktable when I know I am going to import RAW images.  My workflow has been a little messed up lately, but I plan on changing that.

Links to the mentioned Software:




P.S. Bibble was purchased by Corel, it is now called AfterShot Pro.


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