Spring 2015 continues

If there is an advantage of being home sick, is that you have time to process images taken in the garden. One of my favorite times of the year, winter being second favorite when it snows, and it has it’s own feeling.  Hope you enjoy


Bees at work

While these images are from more than two weeks, I totally forgot to post them.  They were all edited online, and used my zoom 40-150mm lense, with a +2 Macro screw on lens.

Drawbacks of the Amazon Cloud “Photo” Backup

Last Week I wrote about a great Backup solution, and I started using it, so far uploaded about 10% of my Collection. One drawback I found so far, is that it can not process/interpret EXIF meta tags, or xmp side loaded files. This makes it harder for me to search in huge collections.  While it does sort images into albums, and adds an image preview for the album, you can find what you are looking for, still it would be nice to be able to add meta tags to images that are Macro, Flowers, Nature, Family etc… and then run a search to find all Flower images in your collection.  Maybe a good tip for the Developers of the Amazon Cloud storage team. Second draw back, I can’t use the share link to embed into this blog for example, I am experimenting with the Image URL

[update: the share links did not work well for me, they seem to be temporary links, will have to experiment with it]

While at it, I went to the forest in Debrecen, and was able to get some great close-ups of ducks, hope you enjoy.

P1130320P1130330  P1130311P1130329

A new backup solution for photographers

Amazon announced a great plan, specifically for photo’s.  At $12/year, and unlimited photo’s, I believe it’s one of the cheapest solutions at this time. There is a desktop client for both Windows and Mac, and mobile clients for iOS and Android. I’ve been using Crashplan unlimited plan because it had a Linux client, but that costs $60/year, and 99.8% of what I backup are photo’s, so I decided to try this new Amazon Cloud Drive solution, it’s free for 3 months anyways. It also supports some RAW formats.  While it doesn’t have a Linux client, I can upload via a web browser, it’s not convenient, but once it’s up there, adding new photo’s as I go along will be much easier. It’s a great solution for photographers, and you can also get links to share from the Amazon Cloud Drive.  If you don’t have a backup plan for your photo’s this maybe a good option to check out.


Colors of Spring 2015

Best part I love about spring is the flower’s blooming into colors. Crocus is one of my favorites, although I only took pictures of one color so far. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Not sure what this is called, but looks great as well :)