Eye of the Tiger

Even though those images were taken more than a month ago, when we went to the Zoo with the family, I only got to process them today, and so decided to post them.

As the title suggests, this is an image of a sleeping tiger.  I couldn’t get a better image of it, as the tiger didn’t want to wake up.

The eye of a tiger :)
Duck looking at me

Now at first I thought this was a joke, or a stature.  Turns out it’s a living bird, looked like an alien to me with its funky knees

Weird Bird

Another nice looking duck :)


I love hawks, and such birds, but I never had enough luck (and patience) to take pictures of them in the wild, will need to go to a bird watch tour, or such in the Hortobagy (Hungarian plains) one day I’ll get there.

And then a link to the rest of the gallery, hope you enjoy them here

Why I’m not posting that often

To tell you the truth I feel guilty for not taking more pictures, and sharing here, but my life changed drastically and beautifully on the 6th of March when my daughter was born :) I’ve been sharing mostly nature pictures on this blog. To be honest I’ve been taking pictures of the family more lately. But I’ll try to get back as my time permits. This is the gorgeous little girl Zoe. :)

20140621-073748 pm-70668260.jpg

Adventure into HDR

I tried creating a few HDR (High Dynamic Range) images, just for fun.  I feel I still have a few things to learn as there are so many algorithms for this.  I used all Open-source and free software, downloaded via digiKam, and processed the photo’s using Luminance HDR.  Not too hard since I use Linux as my main OS.  I think the images turned out pretty nice.  I did this series with my Canon DSLR,  RAW images.

HDR Version
Original Image


The rest are HDR, I was too lazy to keep track of the originals.

HDR version
HDR Version

You can check out the rest here.

My favorite flower, Tulips, and a butterfly

Today I was able to photograph one of my favorite flowers, Tulips.  While I was at it, a butterfly came and stood model for me, though poor thing was a bit injured.

This was taken with my Second Digital Camera, the Fujifilm 3.2MP. taken back in 2003-04-19

Image taken with my Second Digital camera

And these are images taken today with my trusty Panasonic. :)

Images with an old lens vs. new lens

Not sure if you remember or not, I once posted about having an old Zenit Russian camera.  Since I took the pictures of it, I’ve sold the camera making the pictures, my Olympus E-500.  I still have the Zenit, and got an adapter to fit it on my Canon 450D.  So last weekend, I went out to the garden a took a few pictures with it, and with my Panasonic Super Zoom.  I used the 300mm Zenit at f4.5, and full manual settings, and tried to use the Panasonic at f2.8 some are taken with f4.  Keep in mind that the sensor size is different, the Panasonic is  1/2.3″ (6.17 x 4.55 mm), while the Canon is  22.2 x 14.8 mm CMOS sensor APS-C.  Both are 12 Megapixel, by pixel count.  Regardless, this post is not about the technicalities, just thought I should mention it :)

Images from the Canon with the huge lens, it was heavy and I got tired carrying it.

These are the images from my Panasonic.

Conclusion?  For my purposes, the Panasonic does an excellent job, I really don’t see the need for the bigger sensor.  Though I don’t mind having the APS-C with the 50mm F1.8 prime on it ;-)

Colors of Spring 2014

This winter was pretty short, and mild, unlike in the American Continent.  Where this past winter Norther America was hit pretty hard by strong winter storms, in Europe, or more precisely in Hungary, it was pretty mild.  This wasn’t that good for viruses, and other bugs, and buggers.

The spring has begun, everything is green and blooming.  Hope you enjoy the pictures. Click on the images, to see larger size.

I hope to get some more as more flowers start blooming, enjoy :)

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